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Bobcat miner not staying connected to LAN

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2021.12.07 20:55 Neither_Delay1466 Bobcat miner not staying connected to LAN

When I power on the bobcat miner, I’m able to ping and access the diagnoser page for about 10-12 seconds. Right around that time the ping stops, the lights on the Ethernet port turn off and I’m unable to access it over the local network.
All the port forwarding is set up, which I don’t think is the issue. What would be happening that causing the bobcat to completely disconnect from the LAN to the point where the LAN lights turn off.
Things I tried:
1.) set up port forwarding 2.) enabled ipv6 3.) used different router 4.) used different Ethernet cables 5.) unplugged for 24 hours 6.) kept plugged in for 24 hours
Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.12.07 20:55 Tight_Hotel_3807 Arigameplays - Se.xy

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2021.12.07 20:55 NirmalTyagi Elephant Armour, 17th - 18th century, India

Elephant Armour, 17th - 18th century, India submitted by NirmalTyagi to interestingasfuck [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 20:55 Monferno64 I want to put together a competitive team with Infernape and Staraptor, any ideas

Hi everyone, I am here to just ask for ideas for a team with these two pokemon in them. The Format is BDSP OU and I am willing to use any other pokemon on top of the two listed. I love these pokemon and when I heard staraptor made ou, you know I had to keep that gravy train going.
Any ideas that might be helpful:
What type of team to go for ie hyper offense or stall
Pokemon that pair well with these two
Items or sets to run ie Evs moves general sets like banded nape
Any problems that might need to be overcome for this, since I don't these two combined and I am curious why.
Any help is good, thanks in advance!
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2021.12.07 20:55 HSRC-_- is this a nepenthes miranda?

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2021.12.07 20:55 TurdnessFergness Don't leave sliders hanging against my boy Jon Ronero

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2021.12.07 20:55 JB_salvi What if Quentin Tarantino is going to be the director for an upcoming Star Wars movie?

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2021.12.07 20:55 Sophie012x Sick and tired of asking questions! Please give some advice

So I’m a 18 year old Female, I met my boyfriend 4 years ago at school. We were both silly and immature and I found some girls on his phone and he admitted it and he still gets upset about it now and says how he’s so sorry. I also have autism and my boyfriend is in long term care. Ever since I found those girls on his phone I’ve always felt the need to ask questions. It never goes out my head about asking. I ask things over and over to check it’s the same answer. But I’m never satisfied. My ocd just doesn’t stop. He doesn’t tell the 100% truth about things sometimes because it’s so long ago he can’t remember but I feel I always need to know! it’s so tiring. I don’t know what to do. sometimes he lies about silly things like watching a girl on TikTok dancing cos he gets worried incase I’ll get upset or insecure. But I say it’s best to tell the truth otherwise I get more upset. He’s learnt that now. But I’m still asking questions about when we broke up briefly about 2 years ago and met a girl on holiday that was friends with a family member and I just always feel the need to know every detail but he doesn’t alwYs remember everything as it’s going back year and the things I think are important because of my ocd and autism are not important to others so they don’t remember every detail. I’ve posted on here before and people say well if u don’t trust him just break up but it’s not the fact of that it’s my ocd it never satisfies me and then I feel I can’t trust people Please someone give me some useful advice and let me know if u have experienced anything similar
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2021.12.07 20:55 ezioauditore2018 Just want to know how in the world can you counter havoc dh

I don’t know what I did wrong but I like havoc dh when I’m playing as them but when you go against them they just a bitch to deal with as a alliance assination rogue , beast mastery hunter, Druid. And also I have a horde arms warrior and even so then dh are still a pain to deal with.
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2021.12.07 20:55 Left-Kaleidoscope618 Had anyone managed to burn fat while eating junk food and candy by just sticking to their calorie limit?

Heard it before, but want to hear from a first hand experience because I don't believe it.
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2021.12.07 20:55 No_Duty_7374 McDonalds app not working?

Anyone else have this issue today? Any fix?
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2021.12.07 20:55 Penguin_Dude12 [unknown to English] a weird message my family found in our mail one day

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2021.12.07 20:55 Reddit__Dave What’s the real reason for the season?

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2021.12.07 20:55 Ra_of_the_Sun Univega Activa Country bike. 700c wheels. Rear rack and bag. $80. Needs a tune up and tires. Pick up in Lower Garden District by Annunciation Park. Message if interested. Thank you!

Univega Activa Country bike. 700c wheels. Rear rack and bag. $80. Needs a tune up and tires. Pick up in Lower Garden District by Annunciation Park. Message if interested. Thank you! submitted by Ra_of_the_Sun to NewOrleansMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 20:55 comebackcity1 Design I made

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2021.12.07 20:55 Montilora Firing Range Issues?

Does anyone elses mouse feel really odd in the firing range ? or is it just me ive been having mouse issues forever and i notice its only in firing range lol
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2021.12.07 20:55 bot_neen Dip. Mary Carmen Bernal Martínez (PT) / Presentación de iniciativa.

Dip. Mary Carmen Bernal Martínez (PT) / Presentación de iniciativa. submitted by bot_neen to mexico_politics [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 20:55 Winter_Negotiation_1 Get hammered off rum and spray paint the world

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2021.12.07 20:55 Wide-Charity4344 Tonsillectomy friend

Hi everyone!! I am getting my tonsils out tomorrow and am looking for a friend who may be going through the same experience at the same time. I am feeling super anxious and have heard that it’s a hard recovery!! Anyone out their having their tonsils removed in the nest couple of days??
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2021.12.07 20:55 Yomo43 Squid game?

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2021.12.07 20:55 Dependent-Theory3659 Should u start spiro

I went to pp today to start hrt. During the visit they proscribed 50mg of Spiro twice a day. However, due to higher than normal blood pressure, they want me to wait to start estradiol for safety reasons. My question is should I start the Spiro now or should I wait until I can do both. Thank you.
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2021.12.07 20:55 LivelyMehOtaku CPU for RPSC3

I was just wondering if there were any good cpus on the cheap side that are great for RPCS3
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2021.12.07 20:55 phreakinfinity Best turn based jRPGs for 3DS that have class systems and leveling

Playing Etrian Odyssey Nexus and SMT 4 right now. Both are solid games but I'm hoping there's something with a little bit more going on in terms of a class or job system.
Thank you
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2021.12.07 20:55 tisugga can someone please tell me whats happening to my poor plant :(

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2021.12.07 20:55 IIIMATTIAIII I got Ultimate Guitar Pro

anyone need some official tabs
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