So this what they mean by endwalker

Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker leveling is going to be just as straightforward once the expansion is out, ... Instead, they’re warning people that they are implementing a “mid-level EXP reset.” ... Tank Talk brings together 3 long time Final Fantasy 14 tank players, who each have been part and contributed to the community by releasing guides, streaming,... Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker Details, Screenshots, & Videos Revealed for PvP, Housing, Gear, & Much More. Square Enix hosted the 67th Final Fantasy XIV Letter From the Producer Live revealing new ... Endwalker. Yet shadowed by their triumph in the First, the Warrior of Light and Scions of the Seventh Dawn are home at last. An even greater calamity than refulgent oblivion has been building in their absence, however─a second advent of the Final Days. The new Endwalker release date was posted at the end of a new launch trailer released on the evening of Friday, November 5. Previously set to release on November 23, the expansion will now release ... But this is also a Job that starts at level 70 from the jump, since it’s tied to the Endwalker expansion — thus, it doesn’t need its early levels filled with skills for the sake of progression. T hat’s all to say that the Reaper skillset feels intuitive and fast-paced in combat while maintaining the challenge and complexity you’d expect.

2021.12.07 20:51 Omnimon So this what they mean by endwalker

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2021.12.07 20:51 J9llonby A message from Hoffonby Enterprises (Press release)

Here at Hoffonby Enterprises we take pride in being a major part of many people's lives. Either through one of the many business ventures we operate, our community outreach and charities. And since April of this year, entertaining you with the combative sport of wrestling.
As of Monday December 6th 2021 the Hoffonby Estate has reached 100 combined days as LLR Hardcore Champion. The former Chairmen J8llonby who unfortunately as of this press release is still absent, held the title 5 times for a total of 48 days. His cousin and current interim Chairmen J9llonby, who is currently in his 3rd reign as LLR Hardcore Champion has held it a combined 52 days and counting.
Strangely enough u/zquest13 was the man who J8llonby beat for his first title win and u/zquest13 was the man who J9llonby defeated on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw to reach day 100. We at Hoffonby Enterprises would like to thank Mr. u/zquest13 for helping both of our Chairmen in reaching this amazing milestone. As a token of our gratitude we who like to make a donation in his honor to the chairty of his choice to the amount $100,000 dollars. A $1,000 per day.
Lastly we at Hoffonby Enterprises would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Holidays.
From the Desk of Hoffonby Enterprises Chairmen
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2021.12.07 20:51 3leggedpelican How to get rid of smegma for males

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2021.12.07 20:51 Kanye-is-alt-right Halo Infinite Doesn't Let You Pre-Load; File Size Is 70 GB

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2021.12.07 20:51 coljavskiyi ⚔️ Enter the Dragon Land Fantasy Metaverse ⚔️ Launching Now on BSC ⚓ Liquidity Lock ⏳ Low Marketcap!!

Dragon Land Metaverse (BSC)
⚔️Dragon Land is the first Fantasy Metaverse coming to BSC. Join us in building a fantasy world where people can buy land, characters, armor and other treasures and fight other players and NPCs in a P2E game. Building out a complete ecosystem, the DRAGONLAND token, launching on Pancakeswap, will be the governance token to pay for treasures and other goods in the Land of the Dragons.

⛓️Contract Address: 0x7FbBf28Af810d995319ee4B5eFF547857057A8a3

⚔️Create your character, build your kingdom and interact and team up with other players in the metaverse. Fight dragons, other creatures and other kingdoms to collect valuable armor and other treasures and expand your empire!
⚔️Check out our amazing website for more information, which includes a V1 whitepaper.
⚔️Professional audit paid for and will be available a couple days.
⚔️Marketing budget of 50k USD.
⚔️Trusted devs with experience in other BSC projects and a lot of connections.
⚔️Liquidity will be locked.
⚔️External AMA + Private Doxxing.

Don’t miss out on this one, it might be the next NetVRk.

⛓️Contract Address: 0x7FbBf28Af810d995319ee4B5eFF547857057A8a3

⚱️ Pancakeswap


✨ Website:

✨ Telegram:

✨ Twitter:
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2021.12.07 20:51 Neoslayer Improvement of dialogue between Paimon and Traveler

Has anyone analyzed the differences of their dialogue in older versions? It seemed more like Paimon was the voice of the traveler, but there seems to be a lot more banter and stuff going on. Is there any more in depth analysis anywhere, and are there any indicators in the new Pets quest that indicate this improvement will stay or not?
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2021.12.07 20:51 AbootCanada Small Chip on the Corner of the Case. Return or Keep?

Hi everyone
This is probably a really stupid question but I need some secondhand opinion. I got the 5900HX and 3080 with 32gb of ram and 2 tb ssd. It arrived a few days ago and I noticed a small chip in the corner of the case.
The machine is otherwise flawless and part of me worries if I opt for a replacement, it'll end up with more issues. I like to baby my devices until the day the internals fail and have some OCD so it does kind of bother me, but the hassle of refunding, replacing, and also I lose out on 6% of the purchase from cash back (about $170 plus a $100 discount from Lenovo for the chip totaling $270) makes it all seem like it's better to just keep it...right?
Anyways, here's a photo of the chip.
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2021.12.07 20:51 ReasonDiesInFear Join Club "Juice" #a0dbef93

Newer Clan in Rookie 2 and trying to build with more members. Current members very active and will help with bags and tips.
Juice: #a0dbef93
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2021.12.07 20:51 Latern_Light_ Dazed and Confused

Why in the name of the Holy Lands, is the made to order sunlion armor getting shipping faster then my Black Friday dice? Running low on insanity after that email
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2021.12.07 20:51 Magichour3 Can a jeweler estimate the price of this engagement ring? Picture included

Can a jeweler estimate the price of this engagement ring? Picture included It's a 14k white gold solitaire diamond ring with these specs: 14k 0.21 I1 G-H Good cutWhat price would this sell for at a store? What is considered a 'good' price? Thank you :)
14k 0.21 ct I1 G-H
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2021.12.07 20:51 Tasty-Boat-3223 Can someone tell me if these are good? I’m 6w 2d and can’t calm myself down. First pregnancy. Unknown DPO.

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2021.12.07 20:51 Cd_Tomm Hi Pls be kind how do I look ?x

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2021.12.07 20:51 AlcoholicRabbit0 “So, you today dont have class”

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2021.12.07 20:51 Certain-Ferret3692 Consolidate experience or not?

I moved to different teams within the same company, but retained the same title. Should I consolidate my work experience (taking the best highlights from each functional team) or should I lay out each time I transitioned to a different team and lay out the key points of the role that way? I don't think the names of the different teams would mean anything to anyone externally looking at my resume/linkedIn and imagine that what matters most would be job title and relevant experience, but I'm curious what you guys think?
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2021.12.07 20:51 YashiLou $CPTL 💎 – Recently stealth launched ✅/ 10% BUSD reflections - to incentivise hodling ✅/ Sustainable reward system ✅/ Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing coming soon ✅/ Audit passed with flying colours ✅/ Contract renounced ✅/ Based and doxxed dev responsible for $Koromaru etc✅ / Top community!

Currently with a sub 500k market cap and several exciting things in the pipeline, project stealth launched recently on BSC chain. It is an ambitious and versatile project aiming to bring a new approach to numerous areas in DeFi, namely gaming, NFTs, auctions, music and much more! The platform will be released piecemeal as the devs endeavour to work on the core areas before expanding outwards. Needless to say, there is a lot going on behind the scenes and it will be revealed over time as different stages are accomplished. This project has longevity at its core and the team are looking long term for this challenging project. Two exciting areas are due for release in the coming weeks. Stay up to date with developments in the project on the telegram page, which can be found on the WEBSITE: https://TheHunger.Games/
👉 $CPTL CONTRACT: 0x407ee64da5bc8107ea8e9cf132b33092374e5894
• 13 Districts will be created each with their own focuses • IMPORTANTLY the $CPTL token will be the currency between each district • First in line: D1 (District 1) due to release on 15th November – a NFT mint and auction house that pays 2% BUSD royalties on everything to $CPTL hodlers. • Q4 2021: D12 (District 12) to be released offering the ability to interact with future partnerships and expansion to the ecosystem from ETH. • TBA: games, music and much more!
Rewards in BUSD – 10%
Liquidity – 3%
Marketing – 5%
Buyback – 2%
Total - 20%
Total supply: 500,000,000,000,000 (50% burned) • 30% to initial liquidity • 2% to devs • 18% locked (of that 18%, 10% is going towards CEX listings, 8% to be held for later platform expansion)
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2021.12.07 20:51 Sky_Law [USA-IL] [H] BNIB Zotac Twin Edge OC 3060ti, Unused HWlabs SR2 240, Lian li O11 mini ATX Mobo Offset Bracket [W] Paypal, Local Cash

Looking to sell at least one of the rad/offset bracket with the 3060ti and will prioritize offers that are looking to buy both. If anyone is local to chicago area I'll knock off the shipping costs.

  1. BNIB Zotac Twin Edge OC 3060ti (Valuing this at $740 if you buy the other parts).
  2. Unused HWlabs SR2 240 $80 shipped, $70 local
  3. Lian li O11 mini ATX Mobo Offset Bracket $40 shipped $35 local
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2021.12.07 20:51 RealCaseyBlack Herbie Hancock - Hang Up Your Hang Ups

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2021.12.07 20:51 maddox829 Egg yolks soooo yellowwwww

I love eggs but I like eggs yellow / orange to pale yellow ones. I get so disappointed if eggs are not dark yellow. Idk how to find such eggs :(
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2021.12.07 20:51 uaskmebefore 印尼情色网红在国际机场 解放豪乳自摸“表演” 恐坐牢12年

12月7日,据《自由时报》报道,印尼一名情色网红因为经常“野外露出”解放豪乳,吸引不少粉丝追踪。不过日前该网红在西爪哇岛的日惹国际机场(Yogyakarta Inrtnational Airport)露奶自慰,将影片PO网后,被警方逮捕,如今恐面临最高12年有期徒刑和60亿印尼盾(约新台币115万元)罚款。
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2021.12.07 20:51 joybimba Just finished.....amigurumi christmas Keychain!

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2021.12.07 20:51 Purgamentorum If a civilian was being shot at, and they returned fire, and one of their bullets whizzed by & hit an innocent bystander on accident, what would happen legally?

Given that the civilian survives, that is.
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2021.12.07 20:51 AyeCaramba64 Ouch

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2021.12.07 20:51 mr_mudd What's wrong?

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2021.12.07 20:50 theLegolink Is there any way to turn this off? I get a notification on my phone every time someone goes live, even when I’m already in VC with them.

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